The Bordello

The Bordello Suite

Three Separate Bedrooms with Queen Beds, Fireplace in Master Bedroom, Private Bathroom with antique Clawfoot Tub and Shower, Cable Televisions in all Bedrooms & Free Wireless

Internet Access, 1948 Teletone Antique Radio & 1930 Antique Majestic Radio, Heat and Air Conditioning.

To put it as delicately as we can, the Occidental hotel in the early days was always a "full service" hotel.

When cowboys came into town following a month or more of punching cows on the range, they had several things on their minds - a luxurious hot bath, a soft bed, a great meal, a few drinks (at least), a game (or two) of chance, and perhaps... if time permitted... a little tender companionship.

Without endorsing such behavior, we are forced to observe that the Occidental offered some of the finest facilities in the Old West for tender companionship. And in that spirit, we have restored the "red" rooms of the hotel to their former hidden splendor, complete with original crystal chandeliers and other appropriate decor.

Summer Rate: $250 per night (May 1 to September 15)

Winter Rate: $165 per night (September 16 to April 30)