Outlaw Suite

The Outlaw Suite

Two Separate Bedrooms, with Queen Bed and Fireplace in Master Bedroom, 2 Twin Beds in Second Bedroom, Extra-Large Private Bathroom with Antique Clawfoot Tub and Shower, Cable Television & Free Wireless Internet Access, 1934 Antique Crosley Radio, Heating and Air Conditioning. This is a Pet Friendly suite.

Located on a branch of the famed Outlaw Trail, The Occidental hotel inevitably played host to many of the most famous outlaws of the Old West - and to many of the lawmen who were chasing after them.

Often, outlaws would rob trains or banks in Colorado or Utah, and then head north into Wyoming to escape. Many of them would use the branch of the Outlaw Trail that ran along the eastern edge of the Big Horn Mountains - because it allowed them to take advantage of excellent hideouts in the rugged Hole-in-the-Wall country, south of Buffalo.

Sometimes, after a big train robbery, the outlaws could be carrying a great deal of money. It was not unusual for a train robbery to yield $10,000 to $50,000 in loot. (In today's money, that would be the equivalent of $200,000 to $1 million!)

From Hole-in-the-Wall, it was an easy one-day ride to the gambling houses, saloons, and other recreational facilities of Buffalo. And the finest destination in Buffalo for all of these activities was always the Occidental Hotel.

Summer Rate: $210 per night (May 1 to September 15)

Winter Rate: $140 per night (September 16 to April 30)