Museum of the Occidental

Walking into the Grand Lobby of The Historic Occidental Hotel in Buffalo, Wyoming, is like stepping back into history.  From the intricately etched windowpanes, to the stunning collection of period antiques, to the myriad of historical photos and artifacts, The Occidental Hotel Museum, is truly, a living history of the Western Frontier.  As you tour the Occidental  Museum, and view the hotel's immaculately restored rooms and suites, saloon and restaurant, you will begin to sense the history of this unique building; you will begin to feel a connection to that not-too-distant past when Cowboys and Indians, Rustlers and Cattle Barons, and Outlaws and Lawmen, lived and died in these high plains at the foot of the Eastern slopes of the Beautiful Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming.


Enjoy the ambiance of the late 1800s and early 1900s as you learn the history of this region, from stories of the Bozeman Trail, to local Indian battles, to the Johnson County Cattle War and more.  The Occidental Hotel Museum is a repository for those days of the past when buffalo still roamed the range, when US armies battled natives for control of the countryside, when the likes of Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid stole horses, robbed trains and hid out at the famous Hole-In-The-Wall south of Buffalo.

View photos and artifacts from the early days of Buffalo, when freight was still hauled by oxen teams and the streets were made of dirt.  Learn how this small frontier outpost grew into a thriving agricultural community.  Feel what it was like to sit in the Lobby of one of the "Grand Old Hotels" of the West. Experience having a foamy mug of beer or an old-time sassafras in an Authentic Western Saloon where 23 old bullet holes can still be counted in the woodwork and in the tin ceiling.

At The Occidental, you have the opportunity not only to learn about history, but to experience it.  You can actually stay in one of the very suites where such influential figures in American history as Herbert Hoover, Teddy Roosevelt, Buffalo Bill Cody, Calamity Jane and others slept ... and, in fact, the rooms may still be filled with some of the very same furnishings!